LLP Incorporation Modification

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This Limited Liability Partnership Agreement(the “LLP Agreement” or “the Agreement”) made and entered into this (Date) day of (Month) (Year) at “(Address)”: “By and Between” 1. Mr. X, S/o- (Father’s Name), having PAN – (PAN), Residing at (Address), hereinafter known as the party of the FIRST PART; AND 2. Mr. Y, S/o- (Father’s Name), having PAN – (PAN), Residing at (Address), hereinafter known as the party of the Second PART; Note: “No of Parties depends upon the needs and requirement of the deed, it may vary from case to case.” (Depending on the context in which such term is used, each party to this Agreement shall be singularly known as ‘Partner’ or ‘Party’ and collectively as ‘Partners’ or ‘Parties’) WHEREAS a Limited Liability Partnership was formed under the name and style of “[ Name of LLP]” on [Date] having LLP Identity Number : […-….] and for which a Limited Liability Partnership Agreement was entered between [Name of Parties to the deed] on [Date] and the same was duly registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. AND WHEREAS Mr. X and Mr. Y, are the designated partners of the LLP. AND WHEREAS the parties hereto have agreed to continue to do and carry on business of construction and development, promoting and shall act as developers for construction of buildings, housing complexes, real estates, etc. and other allied activities or any such other business as the partners may from time to time unanimously agree upon in the name and style of “[Name of LLP]” on the terms set forth in this LLP Agreement.

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