Who needs to register under GST in India?

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Who needs to register under GST in India?

  1. Are you Liable to register under GST?

It is mandatory if:

  1. Your turnover in a financial year exceeds Rs.20 Lakh( 10 Lakh for NE state)


  1. You are dealing with interstate supply of goods. Interstate supply of services are exempt from service tax registration if turnover is below 20 Lakh (10 Lakh for NE state)



  1. If before GST regime , you were registered under excise, vat or service tax then you need to migrate to GST


  1. Any taxable Non Resident person



  1. Casual taxable person: Any person not having a fixed place of business in any specified location but is regularly  does the supply of goods or services in that particular location is called a casual taxable person.


  1. A person who needs to pay tax under reverse charge mechanism (Please read article of reverse charge mechanism to know in detail)



  1. Agents of supplier


  1. Input service distributor (Read our separate article on input service distributor)



  1. E-commerce operator or aggregator (E-commerce sellers to register under GST only if the Sales exceeds Rs.20 Lakhs)


E-com operator: Taking care of entire process of supply of goods or services. For example urban clap, snapdeal,  flipkart

E-com aggregator– Owns and manage electornic platform, enables customer to connect with other service provider operating under the brand name of e-com aggregator. Eg. Ola, Uber

  1. Any person making supply through e-commerce aggregator.


  1. Any person who supplies online information & database access or retrieval service from a place outside India to a person in India, other than registered taxable person.

I’m not liable to register under GST, Can I still get registerd under GST?

Yes, One can get registered under GST if he wants to. But once you are registered under GST, you will have to comply the norms of filing


I am doing business in various state where do I make the registration?

Registration shall be done separately in all state where you are doing business. For each branch you shall apply for fresh registration.


I supply 100% exempted goods, do I need to register under GST?




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