Section 8 Company Registration

🔊 Play One of the ways to set up a non-profit organization in India is per incorporating a section 8 company. Variant ways are there such as trust establishment or social establishment. However other forms are regulated by dominion Governments now those section 8 company is regulated by Central Government. Minimum requirements are- minimum 2 […]

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Public Limited Company

🔊 Play What is a public limited company in India Companies with huge penetration go for public limited structure. The public limited company is for the business which wants to lift capital from the marketplace. A public limited company can get listed in broth exchange. The company law compliance for public limited companies is very […]

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company registration

Company Registration

🔊 Play By company registration here means Formation of a company in India, setting up subsidiaries or branch office in India. A private limited company in India is a separate legal entity. Shareholders are therefore not personally liable for the debt of the company. The minimum requirement for any person to form a private limited […]

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Composition scheme under GST

🔊 Play Composition scheme is meant to make the life of small businesses easier. It’s an option wherein a taxpayer can opt to pay a fixed percentage of turnover as fees in lieu of tax and get relief from complying with other provision of law. Below are the important points: Precondition Those having a turnover […]

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