Company Compliance


Company registration in India falls under the ambit of Ministry of corporate affairs and are subject to certain rules & regulations mentioned in the companies act, 2013 (erstwhile companies registration act, 1956). These rules & regulations forms the part of company compliance in India. Registrar of companies (ROC) is the statutory body established by the company registration act, 2013 that ensures that private limited companies & LLP’s are following the company compliance.

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Company compliance as per companies act, 2013 is divided into two broad categories:

  1. Mandatory compliance
  2. Compliance based on events
1st Board meetingIn 30 days of receiving company registration certificate, the 1st board meeting of the company is bound to commence. Atleast 7 days’ notice must be served to every director before the meeting
Other board meetingNot more than 120 days gap between two board meetings; and Minimum 4 board meetings every year
Interest disclosure by directorsForm MBP-1 must be filed by every director; containing the details of relatives (if associated with the company & their interest)
Annual general meetingHolding an Annual General Meeting on or before 30th September every year forms the very important part of company compliance.
Annual return filingForm MGT-7; Every Private Limited Company is required to file its Annual Return within 60 days of holding of Annual General Meeting.
Filing of financial statements (Form AOC-4)Every Private Limited Company (PLC) is required to file its Balance Sheet along with Profit & Loss Account statement in the prescribed form within 30 days of holding of AGM.
AuditingAppointment of 1st auditor: shall be appointed by the BOD within 30 days of Incorporation who shall hold the office till the conclusion of 1st AGM. Subsequent auditors: Board of directors shall appoint the auditor in first AGM of company who will hold the office till the conclusion of 6th AGM. Filing of ADT-1 becomes mandatory to inform the ROC.  
Statutory auditEvery Company shall prepare its Accounts and get the same audited by a Chartered Accountant at the end of the Financial Year compulsorily. The auditor shall provide the audit report and audited financial statements for the purpose of submitting it to the Registrar.

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Change in registered officeINC-22; Within 15 days from the date of change in the registered office of the company.
Change in directorsDIR-12; Within 30 Days of such change
Authorised share capitalSH-17; Within 30 days of passing Ordinary Resolution
Paid-up share capitalPAS-3; Within fifteen days from the date of the allotment
Secured borrowingCHG-1; All types of Charges within 30 days of its creation

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