Trust Registration


🔊 Play Trust/NGO stands for Non-government organization which is formed to serve the society in general and towards a social cause in particular. It is referred as non-governmental because they work for the social welfare of the society with no prior motive of earning a profit in their activities. Mostly, NGO are privately funded through […]

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How To Set Up A NGO In India

How To Set Up A NGO In India? Know All About Trust Registration, Society Registration, Section 8 Company Registration And Niti Ayog Registration

🔊 Play NGO is a non-governmental organization that is operated under the local level or national level or even international. The ones which are on international level are referred to as INGOs. NGOs are usually nonprofitable and work for several causes- it could be for welfare of society, environmental cause, health cause, social upliftment, animal […]

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