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What is a public limited company in India

Companies with huge penetration go for public limited structure. The public limited company is for the business which wants to lift capital from the marketplace. A public limited company can get listed in broth exchange. The company law compliance for public limited companies is very drastic due to which funding to public limited companies by pecuniary institutions is easier as compared to other forms of businesses. The least requirements to form a public limited company are it must have minimum 3 directors (one shall be Indian residential), 7 shareholders and INR Five Lakhs of paid-up capital. We have a team of company secretary’s specialist in business incorporation. Experience the best and let us help you start your public limited company.

1. What are the pre-required for starting a public limited company?

For setting up a public limited company anywhere in India, there are required a minimum of Seven Shareholders and Three Director.

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2. May the directors be the shareholders?

Yes, the Director can be shareholders in the company.

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3. Can foreign national be the director of a public limited company in India?

Yes, an NRI or oversea National can also be a shareholder or director in a public limited company of India.

4. What is the benefit of having a public limited company in India?

It is legally authorized to trade on stock exchanges. There is no limitation to the maximum number of shareholders in a public limited company. The shareholders of a public limited company have limited liabilities, limited roughly to the face value of the shares they own. Shareholders do not have to take part in the day-to-day management of the business of the company. Shareholders of a public limited company are entitled to transfer their shares independently without anyone’s consent.

5. How do I start with if I want to start a public limited company and how long does it take to form a public limited company?

You should at first select the right service provider. Caservicesonline has professionals such as CA/CS who are experts in incorporating all types of companies in India. You can reach out to us online or you could even have face to face discussion with our team. You are always welcome to our office from Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 6 pm. It takes 15 to 20 working days for the process to get completed.

Question- who owns a public limited company

Answer- There are two types of a limited company – public and private. Both: are owned by shareholders.


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