Startup India is a lead activity of the Public authority of India planned to Simplified startup culture and assembles a solid and comprehensive biological system for advancement and business venture in India. Since 16th January, 2016, Startup India has carried out a few projects with the Aim of supporting Entrepreneurs, and changing India into a nation of occupation makers rather than work searchers.

The activity plan of this activity is focusing on three zones:
  • Rearrangements and Handholding.
  • Subsidizing Backing and Motivations (Fund & Incentive).
  • Industry Training & Academic activities for Entrepreneur.

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Who can opt for Startup India?

Everyone can be!!But what have to focus:-

  • Look for the Problem– What urge you to seek Job why not Job Creator??
  • Find Lead Class Solution– It is important to calibrate/Look outside your plan it should be the odd one out of others. E.g. – Hammer drive nail easy but nail gun make it easier.

Benefit of StartUp India?

  • Simplied Process – It have completely Online Process even through an Mobile App.
  • Lower Cost Occurrence– Corporations will only pay fees related to Compliances and else Facilitator charges borne by Govt. itself, Patents are on Lower cost.
  • Govt. Fund Easily Accessible– Rs.10, 000 Crore allotted by Govt for StartUp India. While they are also encouraging Financial Institutes to lend money for Entrepreneurs.
  • Tax Benefit for 3 Years– Organization will free from income tax for 3 years by holding Certificate provided by Inter Ministerial Board.
  • Govt Tenders– Corporations can apply for Govt Tenders without Turnover Limit & Earlier Experience.
  • Research Facility– Corporations are provided 7 Research Facilities setup for R&D Sector.
  • Easy Compliances– establishment cans self Certify themselves by 3 Environmental laws and 9 Labour laws.
  • Investor Benefit– Investment in Venture Fund setup by Indian Govt. will help assesses/Investors to get Exemption from Capital Gain.

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*Capital Gains, Compliances, Register StartUp For any help feel free to Contact Us- CA Services Online

Eligibility For StartUp Registration in India-

According to the Startup India Activity plan, the followings conditions should be satisfied to be qualified:

  • Being enrolled in India as long as 10 years from its date of joining/Incorporation.
  • It can be Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership or Partnership Company.
  • Has a yearly turnover not Cross Rs. 100 crore for any of the Income years since Registration/Incorporated.
  • If Business lead to generation of mass employment and wealth creation in Development, Innovation, and Improvement fields.

Required Documents for Registration in India-

  • Registration/Incorporation Document of your Business.
  • Directors Detail.
  • Concept/Idea Proof.(website link,videos,documents,plan etc)
  • Optional Detail-(Trade Mark/Patent)
  • PAN Number.

Process of StartUp Registration in India-

  • Register Your Business– Incorporate your Business as Pvt ltd, Partnership or LLP.
  • Login StartUp India– Create Profile by login, now can access to Incubator/Development program, Govt scheme etc.
  • DPIIT Recognition-Through Profile gets Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) Recognition by click on ‘Get Recognized’ Tab. Now you can avail Benefit of StartUp India stated above.
  • Filling Application– ‘Get Recognized’ Tab Open Registration Application, Fill detail and then Submit.
Recognition Number

After all the above Steps followed- You will get Recognition Number Immediately.


After Application Verification done by the Department User will get Certificate within 2 days.


*If Fraud/Wrong Document Uploaded the User will charge 50% of their Paid Up capital + with Fees Rs. 25000.

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1- Whats is StartUp India?

One stops Platform for Entrepreneurs.

2- How to register for?

Follow the above step or contact us- CAonWEB

3- Which registration is best?

Depending on the nature of your Business.E.g. Pvt Ltd Company, LLP, Partnership.

4- Where can register? (follow link) Or Contact Us- CAOnWEB (01204231116, 7065818801)

5- StartUp Certificate?

After verification of upload Documents by Department within 2 days.

The CAONWEB Team comprises qualified chartered accountants and experienced investment experts who are passionate enough about finances to bring you the best advice and tips on everything related to your hard-earned money.


The CAONWEB Team comprises qualified chartered accountants and experienced investment experts who are passionate enough about finances to bring you the best advice and tips on everything related to your hard-earned money.