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What is the procedure to take registration of an IT Company in India?

If you are interested in starting an IT Company in India, then it is mandatory to establish the legal presence of your company. You have to file an online application to the Registrar of Companies or ROC for online company registration in India.

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The procedure to register an IT Company in India includes the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC):

The company registration process is online and digital signatures are required to file the forms to the MCA for company incorporation. It is mandatory to obtain DSC for all subscribers and witnesses in the memorandum and articles of association.

Step 2: Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN):

DIN is an identification number for a director and it has to be obtained by anyone who wants to be a director in a company. One DIN is enough to be a director in any number of companies. There are 2 ways of obtaining DIN:

Option 1: File form DIN 3 which requires basic details of the proposed director along with identity proof and address proof. Now the applicant need not file DIR-3 separately and it can be applied within SPICe form (INC 32).

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Option 2: File SPICe form (INC 32) and DINs gets issued to the proposed directors who do not have a DIN. Under SPICe form (INC 32), maximum of three directors can apply for DIN. If there are more than 3 Directors and more than 3 persons doesn’t have DIN, then the applicant has to incorporate Company with 3 Directors and have to appoint new directors later on after incorporation.

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Step 3: File for Name Approval

There are 2 options for the name approval for the purpose of company incorporation:

Option 1: You can apply for name approval thorough RUN (Reserve Unique Name) form.

Option 2: You can apply for name approval thorough SPICe form (INC-32).

Step 4: File SPICe form (INC-32)

Ministry of Company Affairs has introduced SPICe Form (INC-32) and it serves the following purposes with the benefit of a single application for company incorporation:

  • Application for allotment of DIN
  • Reservation of company name
  • Incorporation of a new company
  • Application for PAN and TAN

The certification of a professional (Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Cost Accountant or advocate) is required and he certifies that all the information provided in the SPICe Form (INC-32) is correct.

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Step 5: e-MoA(INC-33) and e-AoA (INC-34)

e-MoA is electronic Memorandum of Association and e-AoA is electronic Articles of Association and these forms are filed as a linked form with SPICe Form (INC-32) and must be signed by the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Step 6: PAN and TAN Application

Through SPICe Form (INC-32), you can also apply for the company’s PAN and TAN by using forms 49A for PAN and 49B for TAN. These forms will be auto-generated after the submission of SPICe Form (INC-32). You are required to download them and affix digital signatures and upload both forms on the MCA portal.

Recently Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has introduced a new form AGILE (Application for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number, Employees State Insurance Corporation Registration plus Employees Provident Fund Organization Registration) which is also linked form with SPICe Form (INC-32).

These are the steps of online company registration in India. If you have any query and you want detailed information about online company registration in India or company registration process in India, then you can take help of professionals through our online platform of CAONWEB.


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