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One of the earliest and simplest business structures to establish in India is the Proprietorship Firm. A proprietorship is a form of business where the owner possesses, operates, and manages the whole business. The proprietorship and proprietor are the same, making it simple to operate, and there are very few compliance obligations.

Proprietorship Firm cannot have additional partners or shareholders because the proprietor and the business are the same. Additionally, the owner’s limited responsibility resulting from business operations conducted as a sole proprietorship is safe. Therefore, small firms with no more than 5 employees are best served by this type of business entity. With help of an expert, Mr. Sanket Agrawal (Tax consultant near me) can find Sole Proprietorship Registration simple and easy.

Online Proprietorship Registration Eligibility:

An Online Proprietorship Registration can be done by any Indian citizen who has a current account in the name of their business. Depending on the sort of business that will be founded, registration may or may not be required. Banks, however, normally demand a Shops & Establishments Registration in order to open a current account.

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Benefits of Being a Sole Proprietor 

  • Fewer conformities

One individual can simply launch a Proprietorship Firm. To get it incorporated, a certain level of conformity must be met. This type of business is cost-effective because it may be established more quickly than a company or LLP.

  • Control over the enterprise

The firm will be only controlled by the proprietor himself. He will manage and control every facet of the company. Since only one individual is managing the company, confidentiality may be upheld. Go for Online Proprietorship Registration, because it is easier.

  • Making decisions quickly

The business’s lone proprietor makes all decisions. One individual makes all of the decisions. As a result, decisions can be made quickly and without requiring to confer anyone.

Creating a Sole Proprietorship Registration application: 

The process for Online Proprietorship Registration:

  1. The owner must get a Registration Certificate under the Shops and Establishments Act of the state where the business is located in order to incorporate a sole proprietorship firm.
  2. If a sole proprietorship’s annual revenue reaches Rs. 20 lakh it must also register for GST, it’s important.
  3. Even though it is not needed, it is profitable for the sole proprietorship to record as a SME under the MSME Act.
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Documents Required for a Sole Proprietorship Registration

These Online Proprietorship Registration documents:

  1. PAN card for the business owner.
  2. Name and address of the company.
  3. Bank account name and details
  4. Registered with the relevant state’s Shop and Establishment Act.
  5. If the business turnover reaches Rs. 20 lakhs register under GST Registration is required.

Compliances necessary for Proprietorship Firm

Every year, you as a sole proprietor must file an income tax return. If you are register under needed GST, you must also file your GST Return. If a sole owner is subject to a tax audit, they should additionally deduct TDS and file a TDS return.


Through Caonweb (Best Online Ca services), a Sole Proprietorship Registration can often be registered in India in less than 15 days. The length of time it takes to register, however, can vary from case to case depending on how quickly the government and banks can complete the application.

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Add FAQ:

Q -Can a proprietorship firm be registered?

By registering your business as a sole proprietorship in Delhi, you can open a shop or other establishment. The Labour Department of the Delhi Government issues licenses under the Shop and Establishment Act.

Q-Is it necessary to register a proprietorship firm?

When a business is run by only one person, it is referred to as a sole proprietorship. In usual at times it doesn’t need to be registered as such. Anyone who wishes to launch a firm with less capital can select this sort of business structure.

Q-What is the limit for a proprietorship firm?

During the year of assessment, the proprietorship firm’s revenue exceeded Rs 1 crore. If the total revenues of a professional proprietorship reach Rs 50 lakh, an audit is required.

Q-Can a person register multiple proprietorship firms?

Yes, a sole proprietor can operate multiple businesses. From the standpoint of a tax return, it is the simplest to comprehend how to operate many firms under a single sole proprietorship or tax ID.

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Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.

CA Sanket Agarwal

Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.