What all do you need in opening a restaurant in India?

India will have the biggest food and beverage industry by 2020. There are various regulatory monitoring this industry. One such is FSSAI, Food Safety and standard authority of India. Most Indians eat out once or twice in a month, they eat out on occasions in office and family. Due to the hectic routine of people, it is a way to be around with family or friends- to go out and eat in a restaurant. Therefore the market opportunity is increasing tremendously. Due to the attractive opportunity in this sector, people are looking forward to stepping into this business. There are various license and registration requirements to open a restaurant in India.

Food License in India: One needs to have FSSAI registration, License- There are three categories of the same and it depends on the nature of your business and turnover. Our experts at Caonweb can advise you for free on the eligibility for food license in India

Shop & Establishment Act: A restaurant has to be registered under this act as is applicable in the concerned state. This act safeguards employee rights and working conditions.

Weights & Measures Department: According to the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, you require approval for the weighing and measuring instruments you use in the restaurant from the Weights & Measures Department.

Trade License: For any kind of business you are doing. The local authority needs to be informed. There are formalities such as filling up application provided by them and getting their okay to start the business.

License for eating out: In the restaurant, it may not be closed door. If you will be providing eating out facility then you need to have a separate license for that as well. City or state police provides this facility. In mostly all cities this procedure can be done online.

Fire Security Certificate: All restaurants need to be secure against fire hence they need a NOC from the fire department of the city.

Liquor/Bar License: Liquor license L-4 (L-17 as per new excise rule) is required if liquor is served in a restaurant.

Lift Clearance: Restaurants in multi-story building premises need to ensure that the lift operations comply with safety norms. For this, they need a clearance certificate from the electrical inspector in the office of the Labour Commissioner.

License for playing music/video:  This license is obtained from Phonographic Performance Limited or Indian Performing Right Society.

Environmental Clearance: An NOC from the Pollution Board of the city/state is required to ensure the restaurants activities do not violate pollution norms.

Business Insurance: Insurance for burglary, loss or damage due to fire, damage to property riot, strike and for various other factors.

Signage license: Restaurants can obtain this license from the local civic bodies like Municipal Committee or City Corporation which is required for public display of signs.

Summary: To open a restaurant in India needs several of these registrations/licenses. Among these, we provide Fssai license in India.



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