FSSAI License in India

Essentials to Get FSSAI License in India for Restaurant

India is projected to have the largest food & beverages industry by 2020. So this is the responsibility of a central food authority i.e. FSSAI to lay down certain standards & rules which will help in regulating the food industry. Most Indians eat out once or twice in a month, they eat out on occasions in office and family. Due to the hectic routine of people, it is a way to be around with family or friends- to go out and eat in a restaurant. Therefore the market opportunity is increasing tremendously.

Getting a FSSAI License in India is necessary for all those business ventures planning to enter into the food/restaurant industry. FSSAI is a central institution responsible for laying down safety & security standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale/import to ensure that quality products should reach the ultimate consumers.

Some essentials to get your FSSAI license are:

  • Food Licensing in India: One needs to have FSSAI License in India – There are three categories of the same and it depends on the nature of your business and turnover. Our experts at Caonweb are there to help you in the process of getting FSSAI License.
  • Shop & Establishment Act: A restaurant has to be registered under this act as is applicable in the concerned state. This act safeguards employee rights and working conditions.
  • Weights & Measures Department:  Approval for the weighing and measuring of instruments you use in the restaurant must be in line with the Weights & Measures Department.
  • Trade registration: For any kind of business you are doing. The local authority needs to be informed. There are formalities such as filling up application provided by them and getting their okay to start the business.
  • License for eating out: In the restaurant, it may not be closed door. If you will be providing eating out facility then you need to have a separate license for that as well. City or state police provides this facility. In mostly all cities this procedure can be done online.
  • Fire Security Certificate: All restaurants need to be secure against fire hence they need a NOC from the fire department of the city.
  • Lift Clearance: Restaurants in multi-story building premises need to ensure that the lift operations comply with safety norms. For this, an electrical inspector from the labour commission must give his approval certificate for the same.
  • Clearance for playing music/video:  This license is obtained from Phonographic Performance Limited or Indian Performing Right Society.
  • Environmental Clearance: An NOC from the Pollution Board of the city/state is required to ensure the restaurants activities do not violate pollution norms.
  • Business Insurance: Insurance for burglary, loss or damage due to fire, damage to property riot, strike and for various other factors.
  • Signage clearance: Obtaining the permission from the local civic bodies like Municipal Committee or City Corporation for putting a sign board of the restaurant is essential.



Is FSSAI License in India mandatory for restaurant?

  • There are some FSSAI standard regarding hygiene & safety under which the food is prepared in the restaurant. Some related directly to the product while some relates to the premises of the restaurant.
  • Yes, it is mandatory for every restaurant to have FSSAI License in India either from the central authority or the respective state authority.

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What is the procedure to apply for FSSAI License in India?

  • Login with your user credential and select apply for license/Registration from the Tab License/registration and proceed. Follow the following steps
    • Select the state in which your restaurant is situated.
    • If your restaurant is located in more than one state, click “yes” or else “No”.
    • Proceed for next step.
    • Nature of business you are in.
    • Turnover & the installed capacity must be entered correctly.
    • Registered office address, business premise area, person in-charge of operation, person complying with condition of license and products details etc.
    • Upload the supporting documents (if required).
    • Payment of fees.
    • After signing the acknowledgment, upload the same on portal.

Who needs to register to get FSSAI License?

  • If you are a manufacturer or involved in repackaging of the product then select the product from the kind of businesses mentioned below:
    • Dairy manufacturing units (Incl. chilling unit).
    • Vegetable oil processing units (Incl. refined oil, edible oil or any fat producing product).
    • Meat processing unit/slaughtering unit.
    • All food units involved in relabeling/repacking of the product.

How much does it cost to register with FSSAI & how to pay its fees?

  • Central license: Payment via debit card/credit card/net banking
  • State license: Depends from state to state [Offline mode- challan/DD/Cash]
  • Approximate fees: INR 7,500+GST+Transaction or debit card charges if applicable.

How to check the application status of FSSAI License in India?


How to take central food license in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is full of opportunities in several sectors. The maximum number of registered companies are in Maharashtra. Several entrepreneurs who want to have their own food business have associated with us for services like company incorporation, we also helped them get the food License or food registration. Basic registration is for all those food businesses having an annual turnover of less than 12 Lacs, There are two categories of food license one is state license which is for businesses having an annual turnover between 12 Lac to 20 crores. The second one is called central license and it is for businesses having an annual turnover of over 20 crores. For certain businesses irrespective of the turnover limit of their business they have to take the central license. For example for the export-oriented unit and for the importer of any food product, one shall have a Central food license.

GST Registration

Taking central Fssai license in Maharashtra can be done online with us. Our team of professional experts will guide you throughout. We have the expertise to draft your application in the best possible manner and follow the compliance directed by the food department, 100%. Central FSSAI license is not that simple when you are applying for the state of central license because you must have very good knowledge of food safety and standards law in India, There are different requirements for different businesses. Food officers will verify your application and also there is scrutiny at your place of business before you are granted a certificate. The main reason why you should go through consultants is they are best to draft your application and also if follow up needs to be done then they are the best ones to do it. We at CAONWEB have helped many clients het Central FSSAI License. You could anytime call us at 7065818801 for Central food license in Maharashtra.

Summary: caonweb is the best consultant for Central food license in Maharashtra


How to Renew your Food License?

Operating any food business in India requires one to have FSSAI registration or FSSAI license. When you apply for it, you apply it for one year or a maximum of 5 years. Renewal of FSSAI License is required when your license is about to get expired.   Your fssai license can be renewed online after submitting some specific documents as asked by Food Safty and standards authority of India.  Fssai renewal for your fssai certificate in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore or anywhere in India can be done through experts at caonweb.

How to Pay FSSAI Renewal Fees Online?

Operating with the Fssai license which has expired is the violation of rules for which you will have to face the penalty. In order to get Fssai renewal to renew your Fssai license,e you can get it done through your first consultant who had helped you get license initially. If for example, you are unwilling to get it done through your first consultant through whom you got your registration or license then you need to get a fresh login id and password from the department and then get it done through any other consultant. Renewal of fssai license may be simple or complicated based on the nature of activity your business is carrying. You could contact our experts at caonweb for your registration or license renewal.

How to Apply for an FSSAI license?

Visit-  FSSAI registration for apply FSSAI License.

What is Required Turnover for FSSAI?

Registration: Any person engaged in any business and deals with food article and beverage. Turn over Rs. 0- Rs. -12 lakhs.

State FSSAI license – Turnover Rs. 12 lakhs to 20 crores per annum

Central FSSAI license- Turn over Rs. 20 Crore or more or business operations in more than one state.


Consultants for FSSAI Registration and Central FSSAI in Maharashtra

In India, the State of Maharashtra is a land of opportunities where everyday businesses are being initiated and is growing every day. One of them is the food and beverage industry. For any food business, FSSAI compliance is mandatory. By food business, it could be all restaurants, food truck, food delivery like tiffin services from home, bakery selling from home, manufacturers, repacks, transporters, importers, exporter and many more. There are three categories of license, First is called basic registration- basic is for all the businesses having an annual turnover of fewer than twelve Lakhs, Second is  state license, this is for businesses having turnover between 12 lacs to 20 crores, Third one is Central license, it is for businesses having turnover above 20 crores. In certain cases for example, if a business has any segment where they import as well, that business shall take central license irrespective of the limit of turnover.

FSSAI Registration

The FSSAI in Maharashtra can be applied through caonweb or caservicesonline. The process for Fssai Maharashtra or Fssai renewal in Maharashtra is that person doing the business will submit specified documents post which our team of experts will file your application with complete details. Once the designated area food officer receives the application, He will check the application and also the documents. Once the officer is completely satisfied with the documents that are submitted, he will grant the license. In Maharashtra for the basic and central license, we are the experts and we will make the process simpler for you. For Fssai renewal in Maharashtra, the process is again submitting the application along with well-drafted documents. The Government fee for Fssai renewal in Maharashtra and the fee for Fssai Maharashtra is separately quoted to you by us at the beginning itself.

 Summary: Applying for a new registration or central Fssai in Maharashtra and also the renewal services are done by us in the best possible manner.

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FSSAI compliance for food truck business in India

For various factors food truck business is popular idea if someone is willing to get into food business.  The costs is much lower than opening a proper food outlet. The cost incurred in a restraint such as rent, interior design, furniture, security etc. The costs for a food truck are comparatively lower because the incurring cost factors are low in it. Also the risk is lower for reasons such as you can choose to change the place and not stick to one particular place. For a restaurant, if by chance the place chosen is not good, you cannot do anything later. Therefore food truck business is very attractive and popular due to its various advantages.

Food truck entrepreneurs need to comply with the FSSAI street food regulations in order to start and operate their business. Based on turnover limit the business should apply for Registration or License. There are three categories in fssai Basic registration, State License and Central License. The category applicability depends on your turnover and the nature of food business you are undertaking. Basic for turnover below 12 Lacs, state for turnover between 12 lac to 20 crores, central for turnover more than 20 crores. For certain activities you may have to take state or central even if your turnover is below 12 lac. Along with taking registration or license applicable for FSSAI street food, there are other regulations that a business shall have to take, those are taking permission from local authority for shop establishment, certificate from fire safety. Fssai registration or license can be applied easily through our experts at caonweb. We have helped many food entrepreneurs and food businesses.

Summary: Along with the certification at the start of business FSSAI also regulates on matter such as display boards at the premise of food truck.

CAONWEB can help your business obtain FSSAI food license Registration.


Fssai License for Home Supplying Tiffin

I am preparing food at home and supplying tiffin, do I need Fssai or food Licence registration?

There are many people who ask our food license experts if they need registration for selling food prepared at home, well the answer is yes. FSSAI for home food is mandatory. In India, if you are a seller, supplier, distributor, manufacturer/processor, the transporter of any food items, you shall have FSSAI registration or license to start your business. In India there are many service providers who are baking, making pickles at home and selling outside, preparing homemade meals snacks etc and supplying the same outside, but they do not have FSSAI registration or license. This could bring trouble to you. Because in case of such defaults, your operation might get closed by the Government and you face the penalty also.

Food selling from home, therefore, needs you to comply with the Fssai norms. All you have got to do is take registration or license that is applicable in your case. Mostly the beginners fall under basic registration due to not so high turnover. So here turnover is mentioned because there are three categories of permission needed by FSSAI. First is Basic for turnover below 12 Lacs, second is the state for turnover between 12 lac to 20 crores and the last one is central for turnover more than 20 crores. For certain activities, you may have to take state or central even if your turnover is below 12 lacs.

FSSAI for home food needs FSSAI registration or license, this can be applied with help of consultants such as Caonweb. Our team provides you a hassle free services. All you have to do is submit the requested documents with us. The process becomes simple if you associate with the right service provider and with experience of helping our several clients get food license for operating the various food-related business, We assure that you will have the great experience of getting your business started through caonweb. Best of luck for food selling from home.

Summary: It does not matter if you are selling food from home, you still need food registration or food license.


Exporting food products? You shall have FSSAI License

As all food related business needs a regulation in terms of consumer safety, In India FSSAI (Food Safety and standards authority of India) is the authority regulating all food businesses. By food business, we mean all restaurants, manufacturers, repacks, transporters, importers, exporter etc. As India is rich in agricultural products, We are one of the topmost countries in terms of exporting products such as rice, sugar, mango and various other fruits, ginger, organic products etc. If you want to export any food items then you shall have import-export code first of all and for Fssai compliance, you shall have Food license in Indiafood license for the export-oriented unit is central license if you are 100% export oriented unit.

FSSAI Registration

Now let’s understand what the central license is, There are three categories of license, First is called basic registration- basic is for all the businesses having an annual turnover of less than twelve Lakhs, Second category is called state license, this is for businesses having turnover between 12 lacs to 20 crores, Third one is Central license, it is for businesses having turnover above 20 crores. In certain cases for example, if a business has any segment where they import as well, that business shall take central license irrespective of the limit of turnover.

Food license for exported oriented units shall be central if it is 100% export oriented. To apply for the same, certain documents such as identity and address proof of the legal entity and the operator is required. In case of a business being manufacturing unit additional document such as the layout of the unit, water report, technical persons certificate working in the units are required. Food license in India can be obtained through our team of experts. It shall all be online, you need not visit us for same. Scanned copy of the requested documents is all that is required. Food license in India for all kind of food businesses and food license for export-oriented units related questions can be asked to our experts at Caonweb. We try to make it very simple for your better understanding of the compliance.

GST Registration

Summary: For all queries related to food license in India drop in an email or contact us. Along with the food license you could also take services such as company incorporation, bookkeeping, and audit-related services.


Are you prepared to export agricultural items from India? Read this to check

Normal Fssai application and Fssai for export-oriented units differ in terms of details required to be filled up and documentation part. In Fssai for the agricultural product, you may need an additional license such as APEDA based on what product are you going to export. India is on top in terms of exporting agricultural products and processed foods. Exporting various agricultural products and processed food is one of the most attractive business in India.

FSSAI is one of the certifications you need to obtain before starting this business. FSSAI for export-oriented units is mandatory if they are dealing with any types of food products. The license needs to be taken from the place where you are operating your business. In applying for FSSAI before starting to export your food business, you need to have specified documents ready, It is better to hire a consultant to get your application filed because it is technical as you need to fill up the form accurately and submit documents as required by law. If we talk about FSSAI for the agricultural product then you may need to have other licenses such as APEDA, certificates from concerned product board based on which product are you going to export.

For all types of food businesses,

FSSAI is the regulatory authority. One shall mandatorily apply for Fssai and also comply with norms of safety, displaying certain information for consumers etc. APEDA is required when any business exports specified agricultural product,

The products that come under Apeda requirements are Herbal and medicinal plants/fruits, vegetables and their products/meat and meat products/poultry and poultry products/confectionary and bakery products/honey, jaggery and sugar products/cocoa its products and chocolates of all kinds/alcoholic and non-beverage products/cereal and cereal products/groundnuts peanuts and walnuts/pickles papads and chutneys /gaur gum/ floriculture and floriculture products. Apeda registration has to be taken by the person before the expiry of one month from the date on which he undertakes such exports.

Summary: At Caonweb, we have a team of experts helping people all over India start any kind of food businesses by making their Fssai registration easy. The team can guide you throughout at the best cost available in the market. All business and tax solution, licensing requirement is provided by the team of professionals at Caonweb.


Rules on display boards for street food vendor

Food license display street food.

For starting your stall of food or say if you are a street food vendor you need to take Fssai Registration or food license street food in India. Without the same, you are not allowed to do this business in India. There are three categories in this, Basic Registration, State License, and Central license. This is based on turnover and also the nature of the business. If your turnover is below 12 lacs, basic registration is applicable to you, For turnover above 12 lac and up to 20 crores you need to apply for state, For turnover above 20 crores, one shall have a central license. In the case of import or export-oriented units, rules may vary. One the license is granted you shall also comply with the rules on food license display street food. Earlier you were required to display only the license number, however apart from the fourteen digit number you are required to display this as well.

FSSAI Registration

Points to consider in food license display street food.

  1. Size: A4 size for FSSAI Registered food business and A3 for FSSAI Licensed Food Business.
  2. No. of FSDs to be displayed: A minimum of one FSDB may be displayed. More than one can be displayed in case the outlet is big in size and FSDB displayed is not visible to all the consumers and food handlers from one specific place.
  3. The material of FSDB: Content of FSDB must not get blurred or damaged over time.
  4. Directions for FBOs: The FBOs may add their FSSAI/License No. on top and Company Name and Feedback Details on the lower right-hand side for a feedback mechanism.

Conclusion: For street food business take experts to advise on applicability and compliance post receiving the food license.


Rules on display boards for Food business in India

If you are into the food business,  it is mandatory for you to get the FSSAI registration or License in India. Additionally, you should be well aware of food license display rules and Fssai display. Since we provide services on FSSAI registration or Fssai license in India, We also make sure you comply with the norms after you receive your Fssai number. Here we are writing for your understanding. As you know all kinds of food businesses in India is regulated by FSSAI (Food Saftey and standards authority of India). There are three categories of permits you need to take which is Basic registration, State License or Central License. These are based on turnover or the nature of the activities you are undertaking. Once you receive the fssai number, which is a fourteen digit number issued by fssai. There are certain food license display rules that you shall comply with in terms of displaying the information. Earlier only the fourteen digit number was required to be displayed however now there is additional requirement apart from displaying the fourteen digit number. The FSSAI department in order to strengthen food safety, has introduced Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs) for various food businesses. In addition to the existing mandatory requirement of Fssai display, it will also be mandatory (in a phased manner) for FBOs to display these Fssai display at food business operator premises.

Food Safety Display Boards are the informative board which primarily display food safety and hygiene practices to be followed by FBO in their establishment. The FSDBs are color-coded for different kind of food businesses for ease of recognition by the consumers. The color designation as per kind of business is as follows –

Restaurant (Purple)

Fruit & Vegetable Retail (Green)

Meat Retail (Red)

Milk Retail (Blue)

Street Food (Purple)

Retail Store (Grey)

Liquor Retail (Brown)

Transport & Distribution (Navy Blue)

Storage (Yellow)

Manufacturing (Turquoise)

Three important elements of FSDBs are:

  • Display of FSSAI registration/license number of the FBO, which the customer can verify at FSSAI website.
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Requirements – Inform the consumers, the food handlers and the regulatory staff about these important requirements, thus getting 360-degree assurance on food safety.
  • An effective consumer feedback system that provides various options to consumers for sending feedback through WhatsApp, SMS or give feedback on FSSAI App.

Points to consider while displaying FSDBs

  1. Only display FSDB specific to the kind of food business.
  2. Size: A4 size for FSSAI Registered food business and A3 for FSSAI Licensed Food Business.
  3. No. of FSDs to be displayed: A minimum of one FSDB may be displayed. More than one can be displayed in case the outlet is big in size and FSDB displayed is not visible to all the consumers and food handlers from one specific place.
  4. The material of FSDB: Content of FSDB must not get blurred or damaged over time.
  5. Directions for FBOs: The FBOs may add their FSSAI/License No. on top and Company Name and Feedback Details on the lower right-hand side for a feedback mechanism.

This article source is the website of food safety standards authority of India. For applying any type of food registration or license, you can reach out to our experts and get your food business started anywhere in India.

Summary: FSSAI display requirements are meant for consumer protection. There are guidelines by FSSAI time to time regarding the same. Follow us to remain updated.