ROC Annual Filing

Company Annual Return File & ROC Filing

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) requires every company and limited liability partnership firm to file annual returns. Interest and fines are forced if a return is filed late or not neglected. If you are not able to understand the ROC Filing, Annual Filing, or Annual Compliance you must take the help of Online Ca services. Annual compliances are a must for all companies.

What is Company Annual Filing or Annual Compliance?

Every company that is incorporated under the Companies Act must file annual returns with the registrar of companies. Every registered company, whether or not it does business, is required to file these annual reports.

Every company registered under the Companies Act, whether it is a tiny, one-person business, a private limited company, or a public company, is expected to file annualized returns with the registrar of companies (ROC)in order to keep themselves informed about the company’s operations and management.

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ROC Filing Forms: MGT&, AOC 4 and ADT 1

Usually, a company is expected to file 3 forms for ROC Filing :

  • MGT 7: This section covers information about the shareholding structure, changes in directorships, and any share transfers that occurred during the year. The deadline for ROC Form MGT 7 is November 28th, which is 60 days after the AGM.
  • AOC4: includes information and annexes relating to the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss account, compliance certificate, registered office address, register of members, shares and debentures details, debt details, and information on the company’s management. The deadline for ROC Form AOC 4 is the 29th of October, which is 30 days after the AGM.
  • ADT 1: is a request for an appointment as an auditor. The deadline for ROC Form ADT 1 is the 14th of October, or within 15 days of the AGM’s conclusion.

Due Dates for Annual Filing Return 2021

The date on which the Annual Filing is due is decided by the company’s incorporation date. The date of the Annual General Meeting is critical in private limited companies when calculating the due date for various ROC Annual Filings. The Statutory Audit, AGM, and ROC Filing are not required for newly established firms that are from 1st Jan 2021 to 31st March 2021.

Annual Filing for Company Incorporated Within 1st Jan-31st March of 2021 :
  • DIR-3 KYC for all directors the due date of annual filing is 30 September 2021.
  • Directors Income Tax Return (ITR) the due date of annual filing is 30 September 2021(Extended)
  • Company the due date of annual filing is 30 September 2021
  • AGM & ROC Returns the due date of annual filing is 30 September 2021 is Not Decided yet.

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Annual Compliances comes with various benefits for the business owners and company’s directors it helps in raising companies credibility, attracts lots of investors to your business, and always be helpful in maintaining active status with no penalties scope. To make ROC Filing,

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📢Frequently Asked Question

Why ROC is required?

The ROC Filing forms, returns, and documentation with the Registrar of Companies is required (ROC). It will assist the Registrar of Companies and the Government in comprehending how the firm operates during the financial year in conformity with the Companies Act of 2013.

What is the penalty for late filing of ROC return?

In section 134 of the Companies Act, 2013, the company can be penalized anywhere from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 25,00,000, depending on the circumstances. Furthermore, any key person in control, including its directors, may be sentenced to three years in prison or a fine ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000, or both.

What happens if the annual return is not filed?

Failing to file an annual return on time can result in the enforcement of a late filing charge, criminal prosecution of the company and/or its directors, a deficit of the audit exemption, or forcible strike-off and liquidation of the company.

Which companies are required to file an annual return?

All the registered companies under the companies act 2013 are required to file an annual return. The ROC Return and the Income Tax Return for a company are the key components of a firm’s yearly filing, which is required by law.

What is the ROC filing last date?

For all the companies there are different dates of ROC filling. For example, MGT-7 annual compliance is on 29th November 2021 which is applicable to all Companies excluding OPC and Small companies.






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