Food Safety Laws

Food Safety And Standard Authority Of India

FSSAI enlistment is required consistency that guarantees the security of food items provided or made by different foundations in India. It is a food handling declaration given by the particular food authority of India.

This administering body answerable for food security is known as the Sanitation and Guidelines Authority of India (FSSAI) that is managed under the Food handling and Norms Act, 2006.

Getting an FSSAI permit is compulsory prior to beginning any food business activity in India. Every one of the merchants, makers, cafés who are associated with the food business should acquire a 14-digit permit number which is imprinted on their food items.


FSSAI was set up by Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, Legislature of India on 5 August 2011 under Sanitation and Norms Act, 2006 which was operationalized in the year 2006.

            Food Safety Law in India

·         To Formulate & Regulate food safety in India.

·          The FSSAI names food handling experts on the state level.

·         Set down science-put together principles for articles with respect to food

·         To control the assembling, stockpiling, appropriation, import, and offer of food

·         To work with the well-being of food

Departments Of FSSAI for Food Safety Law

·         Import Division

·         Eat Right India Development

·         Worldwide Co-activity

·         Administrative Consistency Division (RCD)

·         Sanitation The board Framework (FSMS)

·         Division Hazard Appraisal and Research and development division (RARD)

·         Data Training Correspondence (IEC)

·         Division Guideline and Codex

·         Division Quality Affirmation/lab Division

·         HR Division

·         Principles Division

·         IT Division

Food Safety Law Standard

·         Food Product Standard

·         Food Additives

·         Packaging

·         Labeling

·         Toxins

·         Residue

Food Safety FSSAI License

1.Essential FSSAI Enlistment: This kind of Enrollment is required for the unimportant food business administrators. It is additionally reviewed as the Essential FSSAI Permit. It is for the business whose turnover doesn’t surpass the restriction of Rs. 12 lac for each annum. Individuals who go under this class are practically the frivolous retailer, nomad sellers, peddlers, or brief stallholders. (SMALL FOOD BUSINESS)

2. State FSSAI Permit: This permit is required for the food Business with a yearly turnover between Rs. 12 Lac – Rs. 20 Crore furthermore or per annum. As far as possible is something very similar for an FSSAI State Assembling permit or FSSAI State exchanging permit. (MEDIUM FOOD BUSINESS)

3. Central FSSAI permit: Focal FSSAI permit is compulsory for the food business whose yearly turnover is above Rs. 20 Crore In the event of exchanging or assembling or capacity past certain restricted as determined by the laws. (LARGE FOOD BUSINESS)

Who Require FSSAI license under Food Safety Law?

Each food business administrator associated with the assembling, preparing, offering of food items and capacity dispersion should obligatorily acquire FSSAI License or Permit. FSSAI License is unique in relation to FSSAI as in relying upon the nature and size of the business, FBO ought to get the essential enrollment or permit.

·         Food Manufacturing

·         A wide range of Food Maker

·         Food Bundling unit

·         Food Stockpiling unit

·         Discount food business administrators

·         Food Merchants

·         Online Food Business Administrator

·         Caters or Inn Crude food material providers

·         Exporter and Merchant of food items

·         Carrier and Merchants

·         Food Item retailers.

Difference Between Enrollment & FSSAI License under Food Safety Law?

·         Enrollment- for Food Service Provider Deal in ready to eat Consumable.

·         License- For Manufacturing & Packaging of Food Items.

Validity of FSSAI license under Food safety law

The validity of the FSSAI License is 5 years.

Document Require For FSSAI Online Registration/License

·         Photo of Business Operator.

·         Identity Document- Pan Card,Ration Card,Voter ID,Aadhar ID,Driving License.

·         Health NOC from Manufacturer

·         Municipality NOC.

·         List of Product planned/Manufactured

·         Completely Signed Form B

·         MOA/AOA/ Partnership Deed/Incorporation Certificate

·         Rent Agreement/Owned Property

·         Safety Management plan/Certificate

·         Raw Material Source

·         Form 9

·         Water Test Report

·         Equipment List

·         Partner & Director List

·         Declaration Form.

·         Supporting Document for Turnover Proof.

·         Authority Letter

Procedure for FSSAI Online Registration

·         Submit Form A (Registration) or Form B (Application to State & Central License)

·         To Food & Safety Department or Online on FOSCOS Portal.

·         Application may Accept or Reject in between 7 days after the receipt date.

·         If Accepted a Registration certificate issue with Registration number and Applicant photo.

·         Applicant should always show that Certificate on the place of Business.

*For online Registration help and supervision- CA ON WEB (CA Services, Tax & Financial Consultant) visit-

The benefit of FSSAI License under Food Safety Law India

·         It Provide Applicant with Legal matter

·         Goodwill buildup,

·         food safety ensuring,

·         Consumer awareness,

·         manufacturing,

·         storage,

·         Distribution

·         Import &Export of good.

Abbreviation of FSSAI License.

·         Compliance -(C)

·         Non- compliance- (NC)

·         Partial Compliance- (PC)

·         Not Applicable- (N/A)


·         Registration- 100 Rs.

·         Central- 7500 Rs.

·         Railway- 2000 Rs.

Penalty for Non-Compliance with Food Safety Law

·         Food Quality Not Compiled- 2 Lakh (Medium-Large Industry), 25000 (Small Industry)

·         Non Standard Food-             5 Lakh

·         Wrong Branded Food-          3 Lakh

·         False Advertisement-          10 Lakh

·         Not Follow Special Direction By Safety Officer-   2 Lakh

·         Unsanitary Process Of Food-   1 Lakh

·         MSG Excess In Food-   1 Lakh


1.    Cost of Acquiring FSSAI License?s

Depend on the Business requirement.

For Cost and compliance visit-

2.    Who Require FSSAI license under Food Safety Law of India?

Organization deal with Food & Packaging.

3.    One license is enough for all branches?

No, Business in the different state requires separate FSSAI License.s

4.    Which Law deal in FSSAI  License?

Food safety & standard Act 2006 applicable for Fssai License.

5.    How FSSAI License look like?

FSSAI The license has 14 digits alphanumeric number with a Photo of the Applicant.

6.    Document Require for FSSAI License under Food Safety Law?

Applicant photo, ID, Health certificate, Safety plan, and so on please refer to page 3 for more.

7.    Whats Mandatory?

Its mandatory to show the FSSAI License number on the place of business.


Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.

CA Sanket Agarwal

Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.