How to register a Private Limited company in 4 easy steps

Establishing an Private Limited company is a necessary moment for any entrepreneur because they must meet all legal criteria as well as enter the market. Entrepreneurs who want to focus on starting and running a business look for a way to do it without having to worry about the legal private limited company registration process and its formation. Where it is difficult and expensive to find professionals in the local region, Caonweb offers online private limited company registration in India at low pricing and with a short turnaround time. We will help you in the submission and successful Pvt ltd company registration documents.

Steps to the private limited company registration process in India 

Before Pvt ltd company registration documents submission please follow these steps:

Step 1: The first step is to obtain a digital signature certificate

The first and most important stage is to obtain the DSCs of all personnel participating in the formation of a private company in India. The need for DSCs originates from the Ministry’s demand for filling out e-forms on the MCA’s online portal since the Ministry has mandated an online registration method for company incorporation and other applications. The stated shareholders are needed to file e-MOA and e-AOA by attaching DSCs, whereas potential directors must apply for DIN online, important for Pvt ltd company registration documents submission too. The Industry expert CA Sanket Agrwal helps in company formation, taxation and ITR fillings. He has established more than 9,000+ companies successfully all over the world in India, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

Step 2: Get a Director Identification Number (DIN) for the ltd company

DIN is a one-of-a-kind number provided by the MCA to the person who applies for a DIN. Unless it is given or revoked, the Ministry assigns the number for life.

During the incorporation of Online private limited company registration in India, the business’s directors must obtain and notify the DIN. As a result, acquiring a DIN is needed before being nominated as a Director in any Pvt ltd company. The DIN received can also be utilized for appointment as a Designated Partner in the LLP and for any other company.


Step 3: Name Reservation for the private limited company registration process

The proposed company’s name must be reserved before filing an application to incorporate and register an online private limited company registration in India. The application for the reservation of the name of a private limited company must be submitted in e-Form INC – 1 along with the required costs. You may submit a maximum of 6 names in a single application for private limited company registration process completion, in order of preference, along with the importance of the suggested name (s).

Step 4: Incorporation Certificate after the private limited company registration process completion

The application for online private limited company registration in India must also be submitted using the Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe) + forms.

On the portal, the application is filed after paying the required Government Fees and Stamp Duty, as applicable in the relevant state. PAN and TAN applications and allotments are also processed through the same application.


  • With the help of a practicing expert, the registration of an online private limited company registration in India can be completed quickly. Furthermore, after submitting a Pvt ltd company registration documents, the promoters and directors must maintain the company’s active existence by complying with the company’s regulations and completing yearly returns and forms as required by the Indian Companies Act, 2013. For any assistance in Pvt ltd company registration documents submission, you can take the help of our experts and CA Near Me services.
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Q- Who is eligible for online private limited company registration in India?

A private limited company must have a minimum of 2 shareholders with non-transferable shares (and a max of 200) and minimum share capital of Rs 100,000 to be formed.

Q- Which is the best option for forming a Pvt limited company or an LLP?

When it comes to ownership and management, a private limited company is preferable. There is no apparent difference between the owners and the management in an LLP. In an LLP, the LLP Partners own the company and have management authority over it. So, for the private limited company registration process connect with us.

Q- Is it required to have two directors when forming an ltd company?

A Pvt limited company does need approximately two directors. The maximum number of members is 200. You can register as a Person Company if you are the single proprietor.

Q- Is a commercial address required to form a Private Limited Company?

No, a commercial address is not required; you can register a company with a residential address as well.

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