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An online tax consultant is a specialist who works in a variety of fields, including international tax, transfer pricing, income tax counseling, and GST expert in Delhi. Tax Consultation involves in-depth subject knowledge and thorough analysis. With the help of Mr. Sanket Agrawal, you can get all importance of tax advice. He has helped many companies for maintaining tax records. So take CA Appointment now !!!

Types of Tax Consultations you can choose with CAonWEB

Cases in which a Caonweb online tax consultant can assist you over the phone.

 1. Income Tax Filing related

Tax consultation to assist you in making the best decisions or simply to get a proper opinion. It might have anything to do with business taxes, freelance work, exporting services, foreign tax credits, TDS, capital gains, or another relevant topic.

 2. Income Tax Optimisation

Optimizing your tax situation and recommending tax-saving options can help you save money. These options may be :

  • Related to your salary
  • Layoff severance pay or compensation
  •  Capital gains
  •  Crypto currencies
  • Virtual digital assets
  •  Re-architecting your business
  •  Starting a new business
  •  Understanding salary structures when changing jobs
  •  New vs. old tax regime changes
  •  Investment declarations to the employer.
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3. Tax Notice Handling

Notice handling about Income Tax (IT Notice), TDS, GST, High-Value Transactions, SFT, Non-Disclosure, Scrutiny, Seizure, Summons, Business Compliance for an opinion, Guidance, Calculations, Reading, Study of Your Tax Scenario and Give Guidance, Or Re-filing And/Or To Specify The Next Steps.

4. NRI / Foreign Tax related

Understanding residential status, opinions, and suggestions on the DTAA projecting taxes, planning, missed IT returns, passport confiscation, employment changes, the impact of COVID-19, and issues associated with migrating back to India

 5. Goods & Services Tax (GST) related

A professional’s opinion on GST tax filing, Input Tax Credit (ITC), export, import, eCommerce, online sales, LUT, compliance, budgeting, ISD, business tax architecture, and suggestions.

 6. Other Tax Related

To find a qualified expert to assist you, please type your precise tax or accounting question in detail. Starting a new business in India is one possible instance of this falling under the category of taxes and accounting.

Need for an online tax consultant

  • Well, to be honest, the need mostly depends on the needs of your company. To achieve higher growth and results, you must invest every dollar you save now. Therefore, appropriate financial guidance can undoubtedly aid in improving the corporate capital plan.
  • About taxes, having the right knowledge about tax credits and deductions will help you save money. So, don’t you think that it will turn out to be much more beneficial in the future if you have some professionals to advise you about the places to spend and how the given amount should be spent?
  • Having said that, when your firm starts to grow, you’ll need to devote all of your time and energy to meeting its expanding demands.
  • Such an action can put you in a position where you don’t have enough time to file your taxes correctly or on time.
  • We should all be aware that failing to file taxes may constitute a criminal violation, so why not engage a professional tax adviser who can handle everything and prevent your business from getting a bad name.

Why hire tax advisors in your business?

Tax experts are renowned for their in-depth understanding of GST and income tax consultant in Delhi. They receive advanced training and regularly expand their knowledge. Tax professionals are typically recruited for Tax Planning and timely completion of an organization’s compliance requirements. One of the main key areas where a tax consultant’s services are needed is interpretation.


How do start Tax Consultation services? : Hire an online tax consultant

  • Create an Account

Press the Sign in button. Make an account and fill out your details like your Name and number. (To create an account, you’ll need an email address and a mobile number.) A link for verification will be sent to you through email. To sign in to Caonweb, click the provided link.

  • Select Tax Consultation

To continue, select the Dashboard’s “Tax Consultation” button. Plan and Cost Now Pay.

  • Give personal information

Please provide your name and permanent or current address.

  • Choose a Case or Consultation Reason

Pick a scenario that best fits your requirements, and then elaborate like in Tax Audit need company whole details. If files need to be evaluated, upload them.

  •  CA Appointment with time slot

Our expert will call you at the time of your choosing after you have chosen two suitable time slots.

  • Making a Payment

Use any of the following to make a payment: debit card, net banking, wallet, UPI, etc. Following payment, you will be taken to the service confirmation page and sent an email confirming your appointment. A Tax Advisory will evaluate your paperwork and provide pertinent advice.

So, follow a simple process and take our CA Time now!!!


Online tax consultant and accountants have different roles: How?

The majority of individuals mistake tax consultants for accountants. However, both are individuals with varying levels of experience in many subjects.

Accountants are familiar with the accounting standards and principles used in various nations and have experience in both Bookkeeping and Accounting . They are mostly in charge of keeping an entity’s accounts current and compiling any bills associated with the entries made. 

Accountants are not the greatest people to turn to for help with tax filing because they may or may not be familiar with tax legislation. Adversely, online tax consultant is professionals who are knowledgeable about numerous direct and indirect tax legislation. They are professionals in tax filings and consultations and are well-versed in the many modifications and timely updates made to tax regulations. Additionally, they are qualified to Tax representation an assessed before a tax authority since they hold professional qualifications for tax practice.

To file personal taxes, one must consult a tax adviser rather than an accountant.

How can one locate an online tax consultant?

It’s simple to locate a local tax consultant. You might either ask a friend or a family member to recommend a ca nearby. You may gain from the recommendation of a family member or friend because references are always accompanied by a person’s helpful behavior. Google has developed a program that allows you to search for anything, including the expert assistance of a chartered accountant in Delhi. You can just type income tax consultant in Delhi or ca in Delhi if you wish to register an LLP, a business, or for GST in Delhi, for example. You will see a list of websites and CAs’ nearest locations. Call the number you can find on their websites to get assistance. Caonweb gives the best Tax Advisory in India and helps with all types of services like Defective return, IT Noticetax planning, etc. Take our CA Time now!!!

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Q- Should you hire a tax consultant or use tax filing software?

Tax filing software can make your life easier and be great assistance with seasonal tax returns. However, tax professionals or advisors who file numerous returns over tax seasons can benefit from this program and they are the ones who will operate the software.

Q- What a user can expect from a tax consultation online?
  1. Free online chat support
  2. Advice from a competent CA with practical knowledge of tax law
  3. Accurate tax guidance with recommendations from personal experience.
  4. Call-based consultations, however, are fee-based, whereas chat-based consultations are free and available at all times.
Q- What exactly does a tax advisor do?

Tax consultants, sometimes known as tax advisors, assist both organizations and people in navigating the confusing field of taxation. As a tax advisor, you’ll use your expertise in accounting, Tax Audit, and strategic planning with your knowledge of tax law and finance to reduce your customers’ tax bills.

Q- What will occur if I ignore the defective return notice?

Your ITR for the relevant Assessment Year will be regarded as invalid if you fail to respond to the Income Tax notification for a faulty return. In this situation, the tax office will assume that you have not filed your return and will not process your refund if any.


Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.

CA Sanket Agarwal

Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.