Tax Planning


Tax preparation services involve the professional preparation of tax returns for individuals or corporations. 

Package Inclusions :

  •  GST computations and returns are among the services we offer.
  • Tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, and corporations.
  • Filings for businesses, individuals, and GST/HST
  • Value-added tax and income tax computation and filing.

Overview of Tax planning & preparation services in India 

Tax planning is the process of making financial planning that minimize taxes. It tries to lower one’s tax obligations while making the best use of tax breaks, rebates, and advantages. Making financial and business decisions to reduce the impact of the tax is a part of tax planning. This enables you to effectively apply all tax laws’ advantageous features to obtain the maximum profit. Instead of waiting until the very last minute, it is beneficial to start thinking about one’s money and taxes from the start of the financial year. Take tax advice from professionals.

The process of preparing tax returns by an individual or an organization is referred to as tax preparation. An organization may be subject to tax developments such as income tax, customs duty, excise duty, etc. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare taxes. It calls for compiling all bills and pertinent papers for tax computation and carefully reviewing an organization’s financial actions for a specified time. The procedure also requires that tax returns be filed on time with the proper tax authorities.

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Preparing for company taxes in India

The Income Tax Act of 1961 provides a tax payment reduction to registered Indian corporations by creating numerous schemes and investment plans. A bigger tax obligation results from an increase in profits.

To lower their tax liability, businesses use a very successful corporate tax planning strategy. The laws governing the companies regarding money earned are a little difficult for the average person to understand.

Experts and financial consultants are hired to extract the most benefits possible from the government. To have stability and growth, businesses must plan their tax. Good budgeting, expense analysis, sales tracking, and marketing costs can all be aided by an effective tax help & plan. Financial advice and preparation will allow the business to use the perks and deductions that are available.

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Outsourcing of tax preparation service

Today, many organizations in wealthy countries are beginning to outsource their tax preparation labor to nations like India. The same is true, and India has a large number of skilled tax specialists with experience in filing taxes for other nations. In addition, the prices are considerably less expensive than in the native country.

In wealthy countries, tax preparers charge high fees for their services. But, in India, the same work may be completed for approximately half the cost without sacrificing quality.

India also possesses the necessary technological infrastructure to properly offer tax preparation services to overseas clients.

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Types of Tax planning

Tax planning in India of 3 kinds.

Purposive Tax planning

Tax provisions are used in Purposive tax planning to take advantage of tax benefits. Making a perfect plan for asset replacement, wise investment selection, altering the residential status, and increasing business activities and revenue are all necessary to get maximum advantage. The taxpayer can make plans under Sections 60 to 65 of the Income Tax Act to prevent provisions from being attracted and to increase savings after all tax deductions. Purposive tax planning is the name for this strategy.

Permissive tax planning

Permissive tax planning is defined as tax planning that complies with the restrictions imposed by the requirements of the Income Tax Code. Use the tax deductions and incentives provided by various legal provisions. That means planning is as per the provision of the taxation legislation.

Short-range tax planning and Long-range tax planning

Short-range planning refers to any strategy created with a specific, constrained goal in mind. Use this strategy at the end of the fiscal year to ostensibly lower the tax. There won’t be any commitment to consistently invest going forward. When your income rises, you can invest all at once in NSCs (National Savings Certificates) or PPFs (Public Provident Funds) for the necessary sum.

Long-range tax planning is the tax preparation done at the beginning of the fiscal year. You must follow it for the entire year. Although these investments won’t help right away, they will eventually reduce taxes.

Who can use a do financial planning & Tax Preparation?

A tax preparation service becomes an excellent option for you if you want to save time, don’t know how to handle a complicated tax situation, or simply dislike math and using computers for your finances. It’s essential to keep in mind that doing your taxes manually or using tax preparation software may allow you to save money. Depending on your income and the difficulty of your tax situation, you might even qualify for free online tax filing.
The following entities require tax preparation services:

  • All forms of organization
  • Individuals
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietors.

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Objectives followed by ca for tax planning

The main aim of tax planning is to successfully manage business operations to owe the least amount of tax possible.

Lowering tax liability

Tax planning’s primary goal is to assist businesses in lowering their tax obligations through the use of tax breaks and other benefits.

Preventing lawsuit

Tax lawsuits can be avoided with careful planning and the implementation of a tax strategy. It lessens errors and incorrect information provided as a result of hurried tax filing, which will result in numerous legal difficulties.

Boost productivity and financial growth:

Taxation should be planned carefully and correctly to help the business thrive. A precise strategy for investing in beneficial tax-saving plans will aid in accumulating wealth and having a strong portfolio.

Promote the nation’s economic growth

When you invest, money moves around the market. This benefits the economy of the country. Good facilities for the populace are ensured by timely tax contributions to the government. Black and illicit money is greatly reduced via investment.

Benefits of tax planning & preparation

  • To reduce litigation: Tax disputes with municipal, federal, state or foreign tax authorities are resolved through litigation. Tax collectors and taxpayers usually clash because the former seeks to maximise revenue while the latter seeks to incur the least amount of tax obligation possible. By reducing litigation, taxpayer legal responsibilities are avoided.
  • To lower tax obligations: Every taxpayer wants to lessen their tax liability and accumulate savings for the future. By structuring your investments following the different advantages provided by the Income Tax Act of 1961, you can lower the amount of tax that is due. The Act provides a variety of tax-planning investment strategies that can dramatically lower your tax liability.
  • To guarantee a stable economy: The nation’s advancement is funded by taxpayers’ money. Good tax administration and planning result in a steady stream of white money, which supports the economy’s sound growth. Citizens and the resulting financial benefit.
  • Increasing productivity: Funding various income-generating strategies with money from taxable sources is one of the main goals of tax planning. This ensures that money is used as efficiently as possible for beneficial purposes. Before you do investment planning think of taxes coming with it.

Process of tax preparation service & planning 

At Caonweb, we prepare our clients’ taxes using the following step-by-step process:

Scanned Documents:

Sending scanned papers that are important for tax preparation is the first step in the process. The tax experts enter the relevant data when the documents are received into the client’s preferred tax software.


After entering all the necessary information into the selected software, the tax experts review the tax return to ensure that all the data was accurately input. The audit is carried out to prevent incorrect tax return computation.


The client receives the tax return after it has been audited and given the all-clear by the tax experts. The client is free to voice any concerns or questions that may come up if a problem occurs as a result. Client requests may be made indefinitely many times.

Final Submission:

After the client has read and approved the tax return, it is updated and amended as requested by the client. The final copy of the tax return is finally delivered to the customer to be filed with the relevant authority.

Cost savings:

By outsourcing tax preparation, an organization can save money—up to approximately 60% of what it would have otherwise paid in its native nation. The company can raise its profit margin in this way.

Improved efficiency in tax returns:

Tax returns will be prepared more efficiently as a result of outsourcing because every aspect and regulation will be taken into account when calculating the returns. As a result, the likelihood of error is zero. Additionally, this would guarantee that assessments were completed accurately and that refunds were filed on time.

Enhanced operational effectiveness:

 By outsourcing tax preparation, a company can save a significant amount of money that can be put towards other essential business functions, enhancing the entity’s operational effectiveness.

Reduced burden:

Filing and evaluating taxes is a time-consuming process. An organization can avoid a big chore by outsourcing tax preparation, freeing up staff for other tasks that will grow the organization’s revenue.

Tax problems quickly resolved:

Any tax-related issue or question will be answered right away if tax preparation is outsourced. With the aid of experts, any tax difficulty can be resolved quickly and on schedule.

Documents Needed for personal financial planning & Prepare Taxes

The following list includes some of the general paperwork needed for tax return preparation and filing with help of a tax consultancy firm :

  1. Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  2. Aadhaar ID.
  3. Information about the bank and the assessee.
  4. Documents for tax deducted at source (Form 16, Form 16A, and Form 26AS.
  5. Any other investment documentation required by 80C, 80D, 80E, and 80 TTA.
  6. Travel expenses.
  7. Renting Contract.
  8. Bank Certificates Books.

Why choose Caonweb to be your tax consultant?

One of the Finest Income Tax Planning Services in India is Caonweb since there, taxpayers are given a variety of solutions to reduce their tax bills. They are the leading online tax consultant in India.

Caonweb offers personal financial planning and tax preparation so that investors can create a financial plan and make investments that will save them the most tax while also achieving the aim of wealth growth. Also, our tax consultancy firm recognizes the need to reduce taxes without incurring premium costs. No matter their tax bracket or financial situation, our team of experts is here to help with giving the best tax advice, everyone makes experienced and practical tax-saving decisions.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.) How can a tax consultancy firm help with tax planning? 

You can examine the most effective financial advice
strategies with the aid of a tax adviser. Your expert will have a better understanding of the tax regulations if you find them difficult to comprehend. Tax management specialists and tax advisors can assist you in developing ways to efficiently lower the amount of money paid in taxes.

Q.) What tax planning errors do people make the most frequently?

Delay is the most typical error people make when it comes to tax planning. Planning for taxes is best done at the start of the fiscal year. You should invest and buy assets based on tax management and planning. You’ll owe more money in taxes at the end of the year if you don’t prepare your taxes.

Q.) Why should you do tax planning?

You can effectively lower your income tax owed by tax planning. For instance, if you pay medical insurance premiums, you do so for dependent parents who are older than sixty. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you may claim tax advantages. This can significantly lower the amount of tax you owe for the current financial year.


Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.

CA Sanket Agarwal

Chartered Accountant by profession, CA Sanket Agarwal has an experience of above11 years in Cross Border compliance , Import Export , International Taxation & is a passionate content creator.