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Agriculture & processed food products export development authority (APEDA) is government regulated body which is operating under the Ministry of commerce & industry. APEDA act came into force in 1986 through Agriculture & processed food product export development authority act, 1985 which was passed by the parliament. With the help of APEDA registration in India one could easily export their scheduled agricultural products in the international market.

Who is required to have APEDA license registration?

According to APEDA act, 1985every person/business entity involved in export of one or more scheduled agricultural products shall opt for APEDA registration, before the expiry of one month from the date on which he undertakes such exports or before the expiry of three months from the date this act came into force, whichever is later.

A person can register themselves as a ‘merchant exporter’ or a ‘manufacturer’ to avail the APEDA license registration in India.

Some of the scheduled products specified under APEDA act are:

  • Fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Floriculture & seeds
  • Organic products
  • Animal products
  • Processed fruits
  • Cereals

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What is the procedure of APEDA license registration?

Sections (12) of APEDA act, 1985 stipulates rules & regulations which are required to be followed for APEDA license registration in India.

  1. Find APEDA registration website (https://apeda.gov.in/apedawebsite/)
  2. Find “Register as Member” clickable option on the right side.
    1. Basic registration details: Import-Export Code, Name of company, Email ID & contact no.
    1. OTP Verification: Email ID & registered number; the exporter need to first verify both of them separately.
  3. Fill in the APEDA registration application form and upload the required documents.
  4. Payment: [APEDA registration fees + 18% GST] must be paid through online mode/offline mode.
  5. Temporary application number is generated once the payment is made.
  6. Login details are then sent to the registered Email ID & Contact number of the applicant.
  7. Exporter can view the status of the application by clicking “Track Application” icon.
  8. In case of any missing information, the export will need to resubmit the application form online.


What is APEDA license registration?

APEDA stands for Agriculture & processed food products export development authority which works under Ministry of commerce & industry.

How much does it cost to get APEDA license registration?

INR 5900 is the Government fees, this includes GST charges too. There may be some additional professional charges for documentation, review and application filing that you service provider charges.

What are the benefits of APEDA license registration?

  • APEDA registration is needed to export scheduled agricultural product.
  • Credit assistance scheme of government to promote agriculture & processed food products.
  • Helps in brand publicity across borders
  • Expanded market outreach which will help the exporters to understand various other products and the business environment of exporting country.
  • Training & development programmes organized by APEDA for the upliftment of people.

Why is APEDA registration in India required?

APEDA registration becomes mandatory for that person/business entity involved in export of one or more scheduled products.

The reason for cancellation of APEDA certificate?

  • Incorrect/false information provided to the APEDA registration authorities
  • Contradiction with the rules & regulation mentioned in the act
  • Registered exporter fails to make any export of scheduled product for consecutive 12 months
  • Disqualified to be an exported under APEDA

Authority will give ample opportunity to the person holding the certificate before actually cancelling the APEDA registration certificate and communicate to him such an order.

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The time taken to get APEDA license?

It takes just a week’s time i.e. 7 working days to get APEDA license registration.

What is the validity of APEDA certificate?

The actual validity of an APEDA license is 5 years and the exporter needs to renew his certificate after every 5 years to enjoy the benefit of APEDA license.


What is the Procedure for Registration with APEDA?

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