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The specified products are referred to as Scheduled products under the APEDA Act. APEDA establishes export norms and specifications for Scheduled Products.

Overview of RCMC Registration

The Export Promotion Council or the Commodity Board issues the Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC). Any exporter trading with restricted commodities is needed to get RCMC registration with the Export Promotion Council or the Commodity Board for the products in question. The Certificate verifies that an exporter dealing with a specific product is registered with a government of India-approved organization or authority. The validity of RCMC Registration is granted on April 1st of the licensing year and is valid for five years, ending on March 31st of the licensing year.


Who should register under the Apeda Registration online?

Apeda [RCMC] Registration online is required for everyone who exports Scheduled Products. A person can register as a merchant exporter/manufacturing exporter.

Why is it necessary to do Apeda Registration online? : Benefits

APEDA Registration is Required For All Scheduled Product Exports. An exporter can do the following things after registering with APEDA:

  1. Get instructions on how to improve the packaging and marketing of the Scheduled Products that will be exported.
  2. Attend APEDA-sponsored training programs on various elements of the sectors that deal with Scheduled Products.
  3. Get your company featured in the APEDA website’s Exporters Directory.
  4. With the APEDA registration, you can gain brand recognition by advertising and marketing your products.

Documents required for Apeda Registration/ RCMC registration

  • Information about the registered office, the headquarters, and the branch offices.
  • A copy of the application form that has been duly signed and sealed.
  • Self-certified copy of the Director-General of Foreign Trade’s Import Export Code (IEC).
  • To support the applicant’s financial soundness, a bank certificate in the approved form is required.
  • MOA (in the case of a company), partnership deed (in the case of a partnership firm), or trust deed/Memorandum of Rules and Regulations (in the case of a trust/society).
  • MOA (in the case of a corporation), partnership deed (in the case of a partnership firm), or trust deed/Memorandum of Rules and Regulations (in the case of a trust/society).
  • Details of any other Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board registrations, if any.
  • Information about any sponsoring authority’s license (DGTD, State Director of Industries, etc.)

The Apeda Registration Procedure

Within a month of starting the business, the applicant must submit an application form to register under APEDA. Only the concerned authority has the ability to extend the deadline if the exporter fails to register within the stated time frame for good reason.

The appropriate authority will provide a Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate once the applicant has completed the required forms and paid the required price (RCMC). This is a one-time registration, and registered members are governed by the APEDA Act’s rules and regulations.

Company Registration

Recent Updates of Apeda Registration online

Value addition and diversification of agricultural produce are required by APEDA by October 30, 2020.

APEDA chairman and IAS Dr M. Angamuthu recommended increasing value addition and adopting a strategy for food diversification in India at the recently concluded National Conference on improving export competitiveness and raising farmer income. He went on to say that organic farming is the way of the future in India’s agriculture.

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Add FAQ:

-What is the acronym for APEDA?

The acronym for APEDA is considered as Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority.

-Why RCMC is required?

Exporters must get a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) in order to take advantage of the Foreign Trade Policy’s benefits. Exporters who have the certificate may be able to take advantage of Customs and Excise incentives.

What is the validity of the Rcmc certificate?

The certificate has a 5 years validity duration. An Export Promotion Council (EPC), a Commodity Board, a Development Entity, or any other competent authority designated by the Foreign Trade Policy can grant the RCMC.

-Is Rcmc mandatory for export?

An exporter must get an RCMC in order to take benefit of the Foreign Trade Policy’s many incentives.

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