Company Registration

How to Start A Business By Incorporating A Company In Maharashtra?

At the very beginning of your business, it is essential to create its legal identity, which is by giving it a status of the registered company. Company Registration is the way which gives your business a legal identity of its existence. It gives you an opportunity to move further legally. Be it the manufacturer or trader or service provider it is important for all types of businesses to give a base to their entity by making it legal through the company registration process. Every registration process is given a proper structure by the law of the particular Country. Here we will speak in the context of the company registration in Maharashtra.

The guideline on the registration process as specified by the law is to be followed in the process of company registration in Maharashtra. By company registration firstly you create a legal entity, which can be then promoted to your customers, your client. Without having legal existence no businesses can provide goods or services. To maintain certain discipline and fairness the law of the Country has company laws, Income Tax Laws to supervise business so as to benefit the people. Apart from paying taxes Businesses do get benefits in various ways so that they progress and be part of Country’s growing economy.

GST Registration

In India, State of Maharashtra is one of the largest, most developed and wealthiest states. The capital of Maharashtra Mumbai has almost all the headquarters of banks, insurance companies, and investment companies. India’s largest stock exchange, Bombay stock exchange is located in Mumbai. Every year number of companies are incorporated in Maharashtra due to the opportunities available in the state.

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If you have any questions on how to start a business by incorporating a company in Maharashtra, you should reach out to the platform such as A company is considered as an artificial or invisible person if it does not have a name and if it is not legally registered. Therefore to establish or to register a company you first need to think of a name. The name has to be accepted by the Government so its best if you have few other alternatives in terms of name. The Memorandum of Association and Article of Association is also prepared while forming our company. It has the details of directors, detail of shareholders, and objective of the company.

Each and every step to complete the registration process is very important to follow in order to get the process completed.In the Memorandum of Association, the names of the proprietor or the partners of the company are mentioned along with their signatures. In addition to that, the rules and regulations to be followed by the company are also mentioned in this document. Therefore, preparing Memorandum of Association in a systematic way and correctly is one of the most important factors. How the company will operate and what would be the structure of the company, and many other important things are mentioned in the Articles of Association and in this way, this is also one of the important document to be prepared carefully. Along with the memorandum, articles fee is paid to the Government in order to get the certificate of incorporation.


Want To Export Honey, Jaggery And Sugar Products From India? You Need APEDA Registration

For any exporter who is exporting scheduled products from India, Needs to have APEDA Registration. APEDA means Agriculture and processed food products export development authority. The main motive is to promote the export of scheduled products from India. Agriculture is a major source of livelihood, India has a huge potential in terms of various agricultural productivity.

The various scheduled products that fall under APEDA care are:

  1. Fruits, Vegetables and their Products
  2. Meat and Meat Products
  3. Poultry and Poultry Products
  4. Dairy Products
  5. Groundnuts, Peanuts, and Walnuts
  6. Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Products
  7. Cocoa and its products, chocolates of all kinds
  8. Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  9. Cereal and Cereal Products
  10. Guar Gum
  11. Floriculture and Floriculture Products
  12. Herbal and Medicinal Plants
  13. Confectionery, Biscuits and Bakery Products

APEDA, since its main objective is to promote the export of agricultural scheduled product, it not only takes care of the APEDA license requirement but also looks after quality development, market development, transportation procedure assistance, and financial assistance schemes etc. APEDA has its head office in New Delhi and also has the regional office in various parts like Mumbai Kolkata Bangalore Hyderabad and Guwahati. Additionally, there are virtual offices in some cities. The Virtual offices have been established in association with respective State Governments/agencies. Basic information about APEDA, its functions, APEDA Registration, and financial assistance schemes etc. are being made available to entrepreneurs / prospective exporters through these virtual offices.

The documents one needs to have to apply for APEDA registration are as below:

  • Application form duly filled, sealed and signed by the authorized signatory
  • Self-certified copy of PAN issued by Income Tax Department
  • Self-certified copy of Import-Export code issued by D.G.F.T. Bank Statement (for latest 2 months) and a canceled cheque
  • The company should compulsorily mention their e-mail ID, phone and fax number etc. in their application
  • List of Directors/Partners/Proprietor on company’s letterhead in triplicate
  • Ltd./Public Ltd. Co.’ s/societies should forward a copy of their Memorandum and Article of Association and Partnership firms should forward a copy of partnership deed attested by Notary

Caonweb is the top APEDA registration consultants in India, At below, are the steps to your APEDA registration certificate-

  1. You fill in the details of your service requirement at our service section on
  2. We will fill up application, process documents and submit the application
  3. We track and ensure your application has been processed
  4. We send you your APEDA registration certificate

Regarding the price of APEDA registration, it starts at INR 11,000 including taxes.

Online Business Registration Anywhere in India

Registering a company online kick starts the process of starting a company in India. Apart from a few business types who may be exempted from registration, all other forms of business must undergo the registration process. Most of the companies are registered as private limited liability companies. Companies are registered through a two-step process, as given below:

Step 1- Approval of the company name

The Company needs to identify and decide on its name for business registration. The checking of name availability can be done online. This process will take very less time unless rejected. Rejection happens only when a company has already been registered with the same name. This basically to prevent conflict in trademark issues. Therefore when we check the name availability on the ministry of corporate affairs, we also make sure that trademark registration name check should be done.

Step2- The actual registration

The formality of the company incorporation in India happens by filling up application and submission of requested details. Complete information regarding the company’s profile is submitted during this process. Many competent firms companies undertake this service completing all the processing formalities.

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The important documents required

• Company naming details
• Profile
• Shareholders
• People involved in the business
• Article and Memorandum of association

There are many consultants in India that take up the entire process on behalf of the company. The knowledge of the processing makes the entire work easy. It helps to finish all tasks faster and more efficiently. Chartered Accountants and company secretaries are considered as experts in this subject matter in India. has such team of experienced Professionals.

However, there are certain guidelines to stick to while registering a company:

  • The company has to adhere to the rules and regulations of India. This is important to ensure the trouble-free conduct of the business of the company in the long run.
  • Trademark registration needs to be completed, which in turn will prove to be very beneficial. One can avail tax rebates from the government once the trademark of the company is registered.
  • According to the company act, anyone above the age of 18 can register a company
    A minimum of two directors of which one shall be the resident director is necessary for a company if it is a private limited company. For one Person Company, one director is sufficient. The company can recruit any number of additional local or foreign directors.
  • Minimum paid-up capital for accompanying is one Lac. However, it is not required for you to keep one lac in your bank account. This can be increased after the incorporation of the company.

With the right support and services, online company registration in India is relatively easy and quick process through a platform such as CAONWEB.COM.

Income Tax Return Filing In India

Income tax return filing procedure is a system through which one discloses income, deduct tax, pay taxes or claim the refund. The system of submitting the report of income, tax paid, tax deduction, refund to be claimed is known as income tax return filing procedure.

In the process of income tax return filing in India, you must be aware of various factors such as:

  • -which is the return applicable to you
  • -what is your source of income
  • -which expenses are deductible
  • -which income is taxable at what rate
  • -which income is exempt etc.

Therefore based on the source of income your tax is computed, after computing tax payable, the tax that has been deducted in your name is claimed. After considering TDS deducted your net payable is computed. Each part of the return which asks for the data must be completely filled up so that return filing is proper.

Sometimes, Income tax return department send you to notice for errors such as incorrect disclosure of income, incorrect filling up of income or expenses in the return, incorrect tax calculations, rounding off mistakes etc. this all can be well avoided by being careful while submitting your return Some income tax return procedures are lengthier than another, and they may require extra disclosures.

e-Filing of Income Tax Returns Online

e-Filing of Income Tax Returns Online is mandatory if you fall into a certain slab if you are an individual or HUF. For a company, firm-it is mandatory to file an income tax return. When we talk about income tax return filing procedure normally tax advisors who are professionals in tax law, compliance and planning are relied upon. A tax advisor having a good understanding of income tax laws makes sure that your tax is computed correctly, your losses are carried forward correctly and your refund if applicable is computed correctly.  Tax consultants make tax returns and make sure that tax liability is minimized legally.

Income tax return filing in India with tax experts from caonweb is effective, quick and cost-effective. Tax consultants offer their customers economic and tax-related information. At caonweb our consultants reach the client and we provide online services. We guide clients on tax saving methods and ways to save your tax.

Summary: Tax experts helps to minimize your tax liabilities and help you plan tax saving methods.

Getting Gst Registration Is Done Online Without Any Hassle

GST registration is required if your annual aggregate turnover Exceeds 20 Lakhs Rupees. In certain cases, you will need a GST number on a mandatory basis even if your turnover is within the threshold limit.

What is an aggregate turnover?

Aggregate turnover includes the aggregate value of:

(i) all taxable and non-taxable supplies,
(ii) exempt supplies, and
(iii) exports of goods and/or service of a person having the same PAN.

The above shall be computed on all India basis and excludes taxes charged under the CGST Act, SGST Act, and the IGST Act.
Aggregate turnover does not include the value of supplies on which tax is levied on a reverse charge basis and value of inward supplies.

When is GST number required on the mandatory basis:

Categories of persons required to be registered compulsorily irrespective of the threshold limit:
a) persons making any inter-State taxable supply;
b) casual taxable persons;
c) persons who are required to pay tax under reverse charge;
d) non-resident taxable persons;
e) persons who are required to deduct tax under section 37;
f) persons who supply goods and/or services on behalf of other registered taxable persons
whether as an agent or otherwise;
g) input service distributor;
h) persons who supply goods and/or services other than branded services, through electronic
commerce operator;
i) every electronic commerce operator;
j) an aggregator who supplies services under his brand name or his trade name; and
k) such other person or class of persons as may be notified by the Central Government or a State Government on the recommendations of the Council.

Registration GST number can be either Compulsory Registration or Voluntary Registration depending on certain factors. A dealer can register himself as a Regular dealer, Non-resident taxable person, composite dealer, Casual taxable person or Input service distributor.

What will be the effective date of registration?

Where the application for registration has been submitted within thirty days from the date on which the person becomes liable to registration, the effective date of registration shall be a date of his liability for registration.

Where an application for registration has been submitted by the applicant after thirty days from the date of his becoming liable to registration, the effective date of registration shall be the date of grant of registration.

In the case of suo-moto registration, i.e. taking registration voluntarily while being within the threshold exemption limit for paying tax, the effective date of registration shall be the
date of the order of registration.

Important facts for Registration GST number :

  • The taxpayer must hold a valid PAN since GST Identification Number
  • The Registered dealer needs to collect GST from customers and pay it to the government
  • The Registered dealer should prepare tax invoice or Bill of Supply as per GST Invoice Rules
  • The applicable GST rate must be charged on the goods or services supplied
  • The Registered dealer can claim the Input Tax credit on all purchases and expenses.
  • GST Registration cannot be canceled before the expiry of one year from the date of effective registration in case of voluntary registration.
  • The Registered dealer must file the necessary GST returns based on the type of registration and turnover limit.

Why Is It Cost Effective and Advantageous To Have a Professional Maintain Your Book?

Businesses that don’t manage their books of accounts properly fails soon after starting their operations. Businesses may feel that they can do the noting themselves, however, there are several aspects of bookkeeping which are ignored if you are not a professional. If you are good at your job of bookkeeping, you will never have issues. But for that, you need to know your work in and out. This is entirely possible when you go through professional bookkeeping training or outsource your bookkeeping activity to a professional.

Bookkeeping is simple – you debit what goes out and credit what comes in. This is the premise on which the entire concept of accounting is based. But in reality, bookkeeping be it anywhere is not so easy. Otherwise, professionals would not have taken the role of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is an art which is a mix of technical skills and smartness. Bookkeeping can be intensely complex and it has become even more complex over the years as businesses look to new ways of trading and laws of the land changed. Hence, without proper bookkeeping businesses may not survive longer.

As an owner of a small, medium or large enterprise, your focus will be to see the overall growth and expansion of your business. To assist you in doing so bookkeeping and outsourcing services are available in market at good accounting service fees option where professionals help you on same. You may be planning to cut costs or expand your business or hire an expert team to look after your bookkeeping and tax records or provide your in-house team with bookkeeping training. There are qualified and experienced professionals to do the job for you. They have years of experience, expertise, and qualifications to take care of the legalities so that you can focus on the other important aspects of running a business anywhere in India.
Your accounting requirements may differ according to the nature of your business and it does become quite a headache to find people to fill the position of a competent financial advisor and accountants. It’s time to say goodbye to all these worries and look at the bookkeeping and outsourcing services offered by  Professionals have a team of bookkeepers who would perfectly fit for businesses. Bookkeeping services include manual or computerized bookkeeping like maintaining records of sales and purchase ledgers, account management, etc. On your request, the service provider can also take care of GST returns, TDS Return, Annual filing etc.

Benefits of bookkeeping and outsourcing services offered by professionals.
As we have already discussed above, you will be in a very advantageous position if you decide to hand over the responsibility of bookkeeping, tax and payroll management to a service provider. You can focus on the other areas which need your attention, like newer ways to reach out to new customers, bringing in technological advancements in your business processes or expanding the scope of your business.

Summary: Therefore if you have an option of cost-effective accounting service fees and getting professionals help in maintaining your book. You should definitely go for it.


The Most Simple And Cost Effective Way To Register A Company In Delhi/NCR

Company registration in Delhi NCR and anywhere in India is done online by experts. for this First, you need to decide a unique name as prefix and promoters need to provide a name of the proposed company along with the significance of the word. Secondly, the name needs to include a word about the company business activity.

Finally, before selecting Names it will be advisable to check on Google, MCA Portal, MCA Guidelines, and Trade Mark site the availability of Name. A company needs to have two directors. The Director required to be above 18 years of age and must be a natural person. He may or may not be citizen or resident of India. We can say that even a foreign national can be Directors of Indian Private Limited Company.

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 MOA & AOA of the company defines all the rules and regulations and the working flow of the company. It also defines everything about the company’s objects, capital, identity, goals and working style. Post name finalization, the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company is required to be drafted, the last page of the MOA and AOA which is called subscriber sheet needs to be filled in by the promoters in their own handwriting including their personal details and shareholding ratio.

About the ownership of property, a Company can own and enjoy the property in its own name, neither the members are not owners of the company’s property and nor the members have an insurable interest in the property of the company.

With an experience of registering more than 500 companies within the span of two years, We have helped incorporate companies from various industries. Cost of register a company in India is available at the best in Get the quick and cost-effective service of Company registration in Delhi NCR and anywhere in India through experts at

Following are the documents required for company incorporation for each director/ shareholder:

  • Self-attested PAN card copy.
  • Four Photographs.
  • Self-attested copy of any one of the Identity Proof like Driving License, Passport, Voter ID & Aadhar Card
  • Self-attested copy of the Address Proof like Bank Pass Book / Bank Statement, Telephone Landline Bill, Mobile Bill & Electricity Bill
  • Company Address proof any one of the Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill & Gas Bill, and Rent Agreement, (if rented) AND NOC for doing Business & for taking Registration.
Trademark registration

You may have a trademark but is it registered?

When you think of Nike, you immediately think of the sign and tagline which says “Just Do it”. So the brand the sign that you have assigned to your business is a unique identity of your business. It is always the best idea to have a logo, that logo is called trademark. It could be an image Or tagline or image with the tagline. It creates an image in the customers’ mind. A Person’s brain always identifies image quickly than the words, Therefore it immediately connects to your customers’ mind if you have your trademark. So how should you decide how your trademark must look like, Well that you will have to be creative and think of line which connects to your business objective your business idea, a sign which is easy to identify and connects to the name of your business. When you think of starting a new business it is best to have your trademark also. For already existing business, if you do not have trademark registration then you should immediately think of having a one. So now when you finally decide and create a trademark for your business important question is is your trademark registered? Because without registration for a trademark it will have no significance.

 In India, What does it mean to have trademark registration and what is the process of registration for a trademark?  Well, it’s a simple procedure. You can get trademark registration done online. At caonweb, our team of trademark experts will help you get your trademark registration with ease. All you have got to do is reach out to, give us your business incorporation certificate and the trademark soft copy that you wish to register. We will fill up and submit your application and get your trademark registration finalized. About the cost that one needs to incur on registration for trademark, it will take 7500 including all taxes for Individual and if you are a company it will take 12500 including all taxes. So get your trademark registration done by our trademark experts at CAONWEB.COM. Reach out to us.


Summary: Creating a unique identity through trademark is a smart way to create a success story for your business.


Registering under MSME in India is best if you are a small and medium scale Organization

Why waste money on incorporating a company if you are eligible to register your business with MSME. MSME means micro small and medium enterprise it aims to help industrialization of rural and backward areas. It is also known by the name of Udyog Aadhaar since Aadhaar card plays an important role to get registered under MSME. MSME SSI online registration is available and all you need to do is submit the documents like id, bank proof, and place of business proof, not to forget Aadhaar is mandatory.

When u are going forMSME/SSI Online Registration you could be either service enterprise or manufacturing enterprise. For two categories that are manufacturing enterprise and service enterprise, it depends on the investment in plant and machinery. Based on the investment value in plant and machinery you could be small or medium or micro. Before you Apply for MSME/SSI Registration lets understand what are the various limits for enterprises

  1. A micro enterprise is an enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs. 25 lakh, for microservices less than Rs. 10 lakh,
  2. A small enterprise is an enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 25 lakh but does not exceed Rs. 5 crore, for small service between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs 2 Crore.
  3. A medium enterprise is an enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs.5 crore but does not exceed Rs.10 crore, for medium service between Rs 2 crore to Rs. 5 crores.

MSME/SSI experts at will get your MSME/SSI certificate once you submit your details with us.  Therefore it is best to apply for msme/ssi registration if you are small or medium scale manufacturers or a service provider. There are no difficulties at all. It is a simple process and most importantly you get the benefits of easy loan, tax subsidies etc.


If you are ISO certified that means you are reliable. So are you a reliable business?

International Standards are meant to make things work. They give world-class specifications for products, services, and systems, to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency. They are instrumental in facilitating international trade.

ISO has published 21971  International Standards and related documents, covering almost every industry, from technology to food safety, to agriculture and healthcare. ISO International Standards impact everyone, everywhere.

 It started with the obvious things like weights and measures, and over the last 50 years has developed into a family of standards that cover everything from the shoes we stand in, to the Wi-Fi networks that connect us invisibly to each other.

Addressing all these and more, International Standards mean that consumers can have confidence that their products are safe, reliable and of good quality. ISO’s standards for road safety, toy safety, and secure medical packaging are just a few of those that help make the world a safer place.

Regulators and governments count on ISO standards to help develop better regulation, knowing they have a sound basis thanks to the involvement of globally-established experts.

With International Standards on air, water, and soil quality, on emissions of gases and radiation, and environmental aspects of products, they protect the health of the planet and people, beyond bringing economic benefits.

ISO registration online can be done through, Once you submit your requirement, our experts will guide you on what all documents are required to complete the application.

What are the benefits of iso registration code or iso certification?

  • ISO is direct evidence of a company’s financial and ethical commitment to provide high quality, safe products.
  • ISO certified companies maintain comprehensive internal audit programs that demonstrate to customers the effectiveness of their quality and environmental efforts.
  • ISO certified companies utilize systems that have been accepted for use by over 80 countries as effective means to achieve product quality and environmental stewardship.
  • ISO certified companies’ document, review, and approve product designs that meet applicable safety, regulatory, and customer requirements.
  • ISO certified companies prove their systems through audits by independent registrars. Registrars are governed by strict international codes that dictate operating practices, audit methods, and staff qualifications. Failure to maintain quality program requirements will lead to de-certification by the registrar.
  • ISO certified company products reduce the need for the buyers to perform audits and reviews to determine if quality systems are in place and being maintained.
  • A certificate of analysis from an ISO certified company will be supported by documented procedures and records that demonstrate its validity. This is particularly important should a customer ever have a reason to question product quality.

Summary: ISO is a proof that you have what it needs to be a reliable entity.